Repair Services

Our Repair Services

Need an oil change? How about a complete engine swap? From routine maintenance and service to major repairs and customizations, we're here to take care of you! Labor on services is backed by our 12 month warranty, so rest assured Toy-Lex Auto's repairs are made to last. Here are just some examples of our services:

Airbag and SRS
Brakes, antilock & traction control
Oil and filter change
Radiators and cooling systems
Suspension and steering
Tire mounting and wheels
Tune ups (spark plugs, etc)
Vehicle maintenance
Lift kit and other add-on installs* for Jeeps and trucks

*Check out our Boundless Offroad services page to see a complete list of offroad vendors for Jeep and Truck accessory's of which Toy-Lex Auto is an authorized dealer!